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The Big Draw at Rufford Craft Centre 2014

We are looking forward to Big Draw 2014 for Rufford and Nottinghamshire. We have big plans to make this one the best yet! 

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. It has grown into a month-long festival running throughout October in all parts of the UK. Every year more organisers across the world join the Big Draw family and run drawing events to engage their communities in creative activities. See more about the Campaign for Drawing. This independent charity raises the profile of drawing as a tool for thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement.  

website: www.thebigdraw.org

Big Draw events at Rufford

This year's theme is 'It's Our World'

This is a celebration of our environment - of urban and rural landscapes.

Rufford's Big Draw will coincide with commemoration of WW1 and we are producing an exhibition that respectfully nods towards this event by commissioning artists to work around the county to produce artworks with groups that take inspiration from this.

The exhibition of these works will be at Rufford from 5 October – 16 November which encompasses Big Draw and remembrance Sunday.

The title chosen for the exhibition is “Future Fields” and the Big Draw activities at Rufford will link to this theme.

Using the idea of poppy seed balls we will create thousands of future fields of poppies by mixing clay, soil and seeds with water and then embellishing them with drawings and marks with tools, stamps, found objects and by drawing in 3D turning the materials into mini seed head sculptures.

We will as usual produce a free How To Sheet for download and any groups who want to use this and join in with our Big Draw are welcome to do so. We are currently testing recipes and the How too will appear in plenty of time for October events.

Future Fields seed balls/creations made by groups can be taken to Rufford to become part of the exhibition we will not be able to return the exact one everyone makes.

We are also looking at other extension ideas for working with poppy seeds, eg papermaking, bread making, rangoli and of course lots of drawings of flowers and seed heads in all different scales – from extra-small to extra-large… watch this space! 

How To...

We always create a How To sheet for our events. Here are the 2014 sheets for Future Fields 2014:

 Previous Years' How To sheets

For more ideas download our Big Draw How To sheets from past years.

Other ways to get involved…

If you are a school or group interested in a visit to Rufford during September/October you could book a Big Draw day with our artists’ team.

If you are interested in running your own big draw there are lots of ideas on the campaign for drawing website and you can register your event on line.

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Book Draw training

If you want to run your own Big Draw why not book a place on a training day?

This award winning training day will offer lots of ideas and inspiration to get even a complete novice drawing and learning skills to pass onto your group/learners/colleagues and to have fun!  

It will cover:

  • Ways to use drawing for engagement delivered as practical workshops with resources to take away
  • How to set up and register your event with The Big Draw
  • Support available online
  • How to link into the Big Draw at Rufford
  • How to enter for a Drawing Inspiration Award.

Big Draw Training 1 - Friday 18 July  10am - 3pm

Focus on practical drawing activities for drawing for engagement in all settings and ideas for how to use big draw to achieve your own aims. How to register and how to link to Ruffords Big Draw. (2014 Rufford Big Draw will link to WW1 and poppies) Suitable for all, no drawing ability needed!

Please book online

Big Draw training 2 - Friday 19 September 10am – 3pm 

More ideas for using drawing for engagement. Wider activities for drawing throughout the year and working with others to do a Big Draw with partners. Suitable for those who have attended training 1.

Please book online 

These training opportunities are fantastic value at £40 per person per day 

Big Draw events around the county

Check out other Big Draw events in Nottinghamshire. 

And visit the Family Arts Festival pages for eye-boggling arts for all the family from 17 October - 2 November 2014

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