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Sensory Adventures

Learning Objectives


  • Widen language experiences
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Observe and experience colour, shape, pattern and texture in a range of settings.


  • Improve observational skills
  • Learn safely in a new environment
  • Develop appreciation of the environment


Centre staff will welcome your group and describe the day’s programme, learning objectives, and the health and safety issues. (10 mins)

½ Day Course Programme

  • Walk out to woodland teaching area (5 mins)
  • Activity: Rainbow Chips. Pupils to collect a variety of natural colours on a sticky “artists palette” to replace the broken rainbow (10 mins)
  • Activity: Woodland Potions (10 mins)
  • Activity: Find Your Tree - Blindfold activity (10 mins)
  • Activity: Prickly Tickly - Collecting natural items related to a word (10 mins)
  • Activity: Eye in the Sky - Using mirrors to provide different views (10 mins)
  • Activity: Leaf Slides - Looking at the internal structure of leaves (10 mins)
  • Activity: Badgers Breakfast. Role playing being badgers to find out if there is enough food in the area. (15 mins)

Other activities can be included or omitted at the discretion of the visiting staff.

Detailed activity sheets about Badgers Breakfast can be found in the Acclimatisation curriculum material. Copies available at the centre.


Back at the Centre the group will reflect on their day and consider how well the learning objectives have been met.

Safety Considerations

Weather Conditions and clothing

Some outdoor clothing and footwear is available at the Centre but please ensure that children are dressed warmly and have suitable waterproof outerwear. Activities will take place in all but the most severe weather conditions. The centre teacher will contact the group leader if conditions are unsafe for the visit to continue.

Equipment supplied

Badgers Breakfast resource sheet, blindfolds, artists palette cards, mirrors, collecting trays and words for Prickly Tickly, leaf slides, first aid kit.

Equipment needed from school


Other Information

The actual programme may vary depending on the number and needs of pupils, length of visit and weather conditions.

Adaptation & Differentiation

Greater range of shades to be collected for artists palette, greater use of vocabulary when describing potions, harder words for collecting items in Prickly Tickly. The Badgers Breakfast activity has a sheet upper KS1 that requires numeracy skills for tally charts.

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