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Jayne Francis-Ward: Corporate Director, Resources

Jayne Francis-Ward: Corporate Director, Policy, Planning and Corporate Services Nottinghamshire County CouncilResponsibilities

Jayne has a broad remit for a diverse range of strategic and support functions, and is responsible for around circa 1,400 employees with a total budget of £44m.

As the Authority’s Monitoring Officer, Jayne is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all the County Council's activities, business and associated decisions are carried out in accordance with the law and constitutional requirements. Jayne also undertakes this role on behalf of the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Panel.

The services which Jayne manages are set out below:

  • The Communications and Marketing team safeguards the reputation of the Council through stronger brand management, proactive media relations and audience focussed marketing campaigns and events and manages all internal and external communications to maximise outcomes and deliver value for money
  • Legal Services are comprised of two multidisciplinary advisory service teams. The Litigation team deal with child protection, adoption, vulnerable adult law, employment law, all forms of civil and criminal litigation and enforcement work. The Corporate and Environmental Law team deal with property transactions, contracts and procurement, planning, highways, governance, data protection and information, education and environmental law
  • Information and Communications Technology Services set the technological strategic direction for the County Council, support business change through the use of technology and have responsibility for the support of all the ICT infrastructure and applications. The teams are responsible for connecting over 60,000 corporate and school users, in some 400 buildings, using over 30,000 computers to more than 600 systems and applications
  • Democratic Services manages the Council’s democratic processes including the administration of all the committees of the County Council. The team also provides support to Councillors, oversees the management of elections, administers and manages the admission appeals and exclusions review processes for schools and academies
  • The Complaints and Information team deal with complaints relating to all council services and Freedom of Information/Environmental Regulations requests. It is also responsible for Subject Access Requests, data protection and information governance
  • The Finance team are responsible for ensuring that robust financial management arrangements are in place, that support the County Council’s business and that public money is directed, controlled and influenced in a way that supports the delivery of the County Council’s objectives. This involves strategic financial planning, establishing and operating financial policies procedures and systems, monitoring and reporting, forecast modelling, risk and insurance, pension’s management and capital scheme support
  • The Procurement team work with commissioning colleagues in Departments to secure the most efficient, effective and economically advantageous acquisition of goods and services and to ensure that all procurement activity is aligned to the strategic objectives of the County Council
  • The Audit team adopt a risk based approach to review and report on the control environment established by management to ensure that the County Council’s systems and procedures operate properly and deliver their objectives
  • The performance team manage the performance management framework across the Council to ensure that key strategic priorities are delivered and that key decisions are informed by policy developments, quality research and data
  • The projects and programmes team provides experienced and skilled programme and project management resource to assure, develop, design and deliver key transformational programmes and projects
  • The Equality team are responsible for ensuring that the County Council meets all of its legal obligations relating to equality in service delivery and employment
  • The Human Resources teams are responsible for determining the strategic direction of the organisation in relation to the development and management of the Council’s workforce. The service provides a range of support activity including learning and organisational development, workforce planning, organisational design, and job evaluation together with a range of transactional services including pensions, recruitment and payroll
  • The Customer Service Centre provides telephony, on-line and face to face customer access to all County Council services and ensures consistent application of customer service standards across the Council
  • The Business Support Centre undertakes transactional personnel and payroll activities; pensions administration; transactional finance activities; invoice processing and accounts payable; the provision of management information and reporting functions; technical support and advice to ensure the effective operation of the Business Management System
  • The Health and Safety team are responsible for establishing effective safety management systems across the organisation, providing advice, monitoring compliance and managing risk
  • The centralised Business support function provides administrative support to all departments and services provided by the Authority


In 2006, Jayne established EMLawShare - a consortium of 99 public sector legal departments across England. The consortium works in partnership with six private sector legal firms to provide cost-effective legal services and training. The partnership has helped to deliver savings of over £15 million during its lifetime.

Jayne has twice been nominated for the East Midlands Business woman of the year. She is a former Chair of the Nottingham Employment Tribunal User Group and former member of the Law Society Committee for practice management standards. She has published a number of articles and has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences.


Jayne was born in Doncaster and educated in Nottingham at Greenholme School and Bramcote Hills Grammar schools respectively. Jayne subsequently studied for her Law Degree and Law Society finals at Leicester and Nottingham Trent Universities. Jayne is a qualified solicitor and has worked at the Council since 1989 joining as an Assistant Solicitor from Derbyshire County Council. Prior to this she worked in the private sector. Jayne has held a number of roles at the Council and was appointed to her current post in September 2015.

Salary and pension

The overall remuneration package includes a basic salary as well as the amount the Council has to contribute to the pension of Local Government Pension Scheme members. Those Chief Officers who are members of the LGPS and earn between £100,000 and £150,000 pa contribute 11.5% of their salary to their membership of the scheme. The Employers contribution to the pension of all employees at all levels is currently 19.2%. All Chief Officers are paid on a fixed salary.

Senior managers are expected to be on call at all times including weekends. Nottinghamshire County Council does not at this time provide any benefits that an equivalent senior manager in the private sector might receive in addition to the basic salary - for example performance-related bonuses, private health care or company cars.

Jayne also undertakes work for other statutory bodies for which she receives no additional remuneration.

Period  Total salary  Employer pension contributions at 19.2% 
April 2013 - March 2016  £121,371 £23,303

Expenses claimed

All expenses are paid to employees in the course of carrying out duties in line with the Council's Travel and Accommodation Policy which is part of the nationally agreed terms and conditions of service and detailed in part six of the Council's Constitution, on pages 6-73 to 6-78. These conditions are supplemented by the Council's local conditions laid down in the Policy on the Payment of Travelling Allowances and Policy on the Payment of Subsistence Allowances, as set out in Appendices 11 and 12 of the Pay Policy Statement.

Expenses paid are liable to tax.

January to December 2016

Month Accommodation costs Business mileage Other expenses (inc. car, parking, train fares) Total
January   £81.00 £30.50 £111.50
February   £114.30 £222.00 £336.30
March  £98.99   £153.90 £252.89

January to December 2015

Month  Accommodation costs  Business mileage  Other expenses inc. car parking, train fares  Total 
January    £107.55 £6.07 £113.62 
April    £85.95 £12.50 £98.45
May  £111.20     £111.20
June  £223.65 £36.90 £260.50 £521.05
July    £75.60 £154.00 £229.60
August    £101.70 £84.00 £185.70
September     £85.90 £85.90
November   £153.45 £101.30 £254.75
December        £00.00
Total  £334.85 £561.15 £704.27 £1,600.27 

January to December 2014

Month  Accommodation costs  Business mileage  Other expenses inc. car parking, train fares  Total 
April    £108.90 £80.00


May    £84.15 £115.50 £199.65 
June    £43.20 £148.35 £191.55
August    £60.30 £14.20 £74.50
October    £40.95 £94.90 £135.85
November    £118.80 £178.50 £297.30
Total  £0.00 £456.30 £631.45 £1,087.75 

January to December 2013

Month  Accommodation costs  Business mileage  Other expenses inc. car parking, train fares  Total 
January    £104.40   £104.40
February  £127.00   £177.80


March    £17.55 £36.30 £53.85
May  £82.50   £44.10 £126.60 
June  £131.38   £111.50 £242.88 
August    £87.30 £115.00 £202.30 
October      £181.30 £181.30
December    £211.50 £92.50 £304.00
Total  £340.88 £420.75 £698.50       £1,460.13 

January to December 2012

Month  Accommodation costs  Business mileage  Other expenses inc. car parking, train fares  Total 
April    £19.80   £19.80 
July  £65.21     £65.21
August    £218.70


September    £25.20 £32.00 £57.20
November    £59.85   £59.85
Total  £65.21 £323.55 £37.50 £426.26 

January to December 2011

Month  Accommodation costs  Business mileage  Other expenses inc. car parking, train fares  Total 
July    £257.40 £2.00 £259.40 
November    £40.95   £40.95
Total  £0.00 £298.35 £2.00 £300.35

January to December 2010

Month  Accommodation costs  Business mileage  Other expensive inc. car parking, train fares  Total 
January - February 2010    £465.20 £22.80 £488.00 
Total  £0.00 £465.20 £22.80 £488.00


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