Nottinghamshire registration and celebratory services – the team involved in making your ceremony happen

Registration Support Officer

The Registration Support Officers will normally be your first point of contact within the Registration Service; they will deal with any initial enquiries and queries that you may have. If you are planning on having your ceremony at one of our Registration Offices, they will be able to discuss availability and book the venue for you. If you have chosen to use a licensed venue then the Registration Support Officer will be able to book you a Registrar.

The Registration Support Officers will be on hand throughout the process to advise you on fees, the legal requirements and answer any queries you may have.


You will need to book an appointment with a registrar to 'give notice' of your marriage or civil partnership.   This is a legal requirement which carries a statutory fee.  At the appointment the registrar will need to see documents that prove details about yourself such as ID and address.  For more info see the legal information.

At the time of giving notice, if you are having your ceremony in Nottingham, the Registrar will give you a marriage or civil partnership pack. The pack contains details of the ceremony and what options are available to you. They will run through it with you and answer any queries you may have.

Ceremony Officers

Your ceremony will be performed by a team of two Ceremony Officers or Registrars – both are equally excellent! They will meet with you on the day of your ceremony, and carry out your pre-ceremony interviews. One of the team will perform your ceremony, whilst the other records the details in the marriage register.

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