Personalising your ceremony

There are various options available to you to personalise your ceremony.  You may do this by choosing your own music, having poems and readings or making personal promises to each other (in addition to the legal declaration and contract wording). 

As far as readings go, there is a wealth of resources out there to help you to choose something for your special day that suit you.  Read on to discover where you can find a selection to inspire you and help you to make the choice.

A quick internet search will reveal the many options that are out there.  From Shakespeare's sonnets and plays to an extract from Captain Corelli's Mandolin, there is certainly a lot of choices.  In fact, you can choose any piece of poetry or prose that you feel reflects your characters and relationship and is appropriate for your wedding day.  All that we ask is that it is also suitable for a gathering of guests that will doubtless include a wide range of ages.  In addition, please be reminded that this is a civil ceremony and as such, it must not include any religious content. 

The following links contain some ideas that may help as you begin to think about personalising your ceremony:

Once you have chosen the readings for you, please send a copy to the Registration Team that is organising your ceremony along with your completed choices sheet at least 28 days before your Wedding Day.

  • What to do on the day - book a ceremony rehearsal discussion now

  • What to do on the day - book a ceremony rehearsal discussion now