How to organise your perfect wedding day

Published on 18 June 2018

  1. Personal recommendations are the best way to find reliable suppliers. Ask friends that have married recently and also family members for indications. When choosing a supplier, do not be afraid to ask for references. Research suppliers - look at their style, professional qualifications, online recommendations. Do you gel with them - will they understand your style and help you get the most out of your day? Research websites and blogs
  2. Always confirm everything in writing after agreeing something with a supplier. Provide a copy to them as well, so they can refer to what has been agreed. The same applies when making payments. Always ask for a receipt and keep it safe, even if it was just for a small deposit
  3. Create a folder and keep everything about your ceremony in there: pictures from magazines, quotes from suppliers, brochures, business cards and any recommendations you receive. You will soon have an excellent set of contacts and ideas to choose from
  4. Book as early as possible. The best venues are always booked far in advance, so if you have your heart set on one, check for availability as soon as you can. Try to leave as little as possible to the last minute to avoid disappointment
  5. Choose a style or theme for your event in the early stages, as this will make choosing everything else much easier
  6. Delegate tasks to friends and family and let them get involved too. It can be a lot of fun and it will ease the workload for you
  7. Avoid family friction! They can be involved and help, but make it clear that it is your day and you and your partner will always have the final say
  8. Plan your budget carefully. Think about the most important aspects of the day for you and your partner and plan bearing those in mind
  9. Go to wedding fayres. You will pick up lots of ideas and it is a much easier and cheaper way to collect contacts than visiting all suppliers individually.
  10. Finally, remember the reasons why the two of you are doing this. It is very easy to let the preparations take over your life, so remember to take time out to enjoy life and be together.

Ceremonies can be held at any main register office or approved venue in Nottinghamshire.

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