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Stop smoking

  • Do you smoke? 
  • Do you live with a smoker? 
  • Are you concerned about someone else’s smoking?
There are lots of reasons to stop smoking as well as plenty of support to quit.

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Reasons to quit

We all know smoking is bad for you, your family and your friends but if you need a reminder of the reasons to quit we've got a few facts and figures for you.

Personal support to stop smoking

Support to quit

Free, friendly and flexible support to stop smoking.

Local support

Talk to a specialist who can tailor support to your needs.


Support to help you stay smokefree by app, widget, text, Twitter and Facebook. Plus a selection of useful websites.

Quit kit

A box of practical tools and advice developed with experts, smokers and ex-smokers, which has helped thousands of smokers quit successfully.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

How patches, gum and other replacements can help you kick the habit.

Local people who've quit

Leslie smoking quitter


Used to smoke 60 a day but successfully quit following health problems.

Aisha smoking quitter


Decided to stop smoking after becoming pregnant.

Effects on other people

Man and boy with ashtray

Secondhand smoke

Smoke doesn't just harm your own health but those around you as well.

Smoking and pregnancy

Giving up smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve the health of your baby and yourself.

New legislation

From 1 October 2015 it will be illegal to smoke in a car (or other vehicles) with anyone under 18 present. The law is changing to protect children and young people from the dangers of secondhand smoke. 

Both the driver and the smoker could be fined £50. The law applies to every driver in England and Wales, including those aged 17 and those with a provisional driving licence. The law does not apply if the driver is 17 years old and is on their own in the car. For more information visit: www.gov.uk/smokefreecars

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