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Everybody needs good neighbours

Could you help elderly or disabled neighbours in your area? This Good Neighbour guide includes some tips for helping people who may be at risk of falls or accidents in their home or who could be targeted by burglars, rogue traders or others who may do harm.

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Personal safety   

In emergencies - dial 999

Vulnerability - if someone is at risk because of how they are living phone Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 80 80.

Hate crimes - if someone is being targeted because of their race, disability or sexuality telephone:

Domestic violence - if you think someone is the victim of domestic violence telephone:


Crime prevention   

Crime prevention advice - Nottinghamshire Police provide free advice on crime prevention and home security. Phone: 101

Neighbourhood Watch - bringing neighbours together to keep a watch on their area www.ourwatch.org.uk

Neighbourhood alerts - for information on criminals or rogue traders operating in your area www.neighbourhoodalert.co.uk

Consumer safety       

Rogue traders - reports concerns or visits to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 04 05 06. Get advice on doorstep crime and rip-offs from www.adviceguide.org.uk

Approved Trader Scheme - our list of traders who have been approved by the County Council’s trading standards officers. Phone: 08454 04 05 06 Web: www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk

Help at home   

Handy Person Adaptations Service (HPAS) - approved traders to put up shelves, fit locks and carry out other small jobs for older or disabled people for a small fee. See our HPAS page for more information

Smoke alarms - Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service can fit these for free for elderly or disabled neighbours. Phone: 0800 022 3235

Personal support - If you think a neighbour is struggling with everyday tasks talk to them about whether they may need help. Find out more about the social care support available.

Bad weather   

Bad weather may mean that some neighbours can’t get out and about. They may need help with shopping, clearing paths in the snow or ice, getting a repeat prescription, putting out bins, walking the dog – or they may just need to see a friendly face! The government have issued guidance on clearing paths safely.

Good Neighbour campaign

Top tips

If someone has had an accident or come to some harm in their home, they may not be able to attract attention of neighbours, passers-by or people who call at the door. Always be on the look-out for signs that something might be wrong:

  • milk not taken in late in the day
  • newspapers stuck in the letterbox for a few days
  • curtains have been drawn for a few days when they are normally open
  • lights left on during the day when they are normally off
  • home in darkness when there should be someone at home
  • bins have been left out when they are normally put away
  • dog barking all day or the cat scratching to be let in.

If you are concerned about a neighbour, please knock on their door to see if they are ok. In an emergency phone 999.


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