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Preparing for emergencies

Household Emergency Plan

Download the Household Emergency Plan leaflet [PDF 488KB] which contains useful information and checklists to help you to create an emergency plan with all members of your household.

How to become 'ready to react'

It will help you be 'ready to react' if you:

  • Know how to turn off water, gas and electricity in your home
  • Know the emergency procedures for your workplace and/or child’s school
  • Consider how your family will stay in touch in the event of an emergency – mobile networks may be jammed, cordless telephones need power to work
  • Have a household emergency plan ready. Who would you stay with if your home was evacuated? List of useful contact numbers
  • Ask whether elderly or vulnerable neighbours might want/need your assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Have a battery powered (with spare batteries) or wind up radio in your home and know how to tune into your local radio stations. For details of local radio stations please see the Emergency Advice section
  • Have a torch (wind up or battery powered), candles and matches in your home (kept out of reach of children)
  • Have a supply of bottled water, ready to eat food (e.g. tinned) and a tin opener in your home
  • Have an emergency kit prepared in a 'ready bag', or a list of things you would need and where to find them in a hurry
  • Find out whether your home is subject to any specific risks, such as flooding, and what you can do to help protect it
  • Sign up for flood warnings (if appropriate in your area). To find out how, visit the Environment Agency website: www.environment-agency.gov.uk

If you or your community group would like further information on how you can help increase the resilience of your community, please contact the Emergency Planning Team.

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