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Evacuating your home

Household Emergency Plan

Download the Household Emergency Plan leaflet [PDF 488KB] which contains useful information and checklists to help you to create an emergency plan with all members of your household.

If you need to evacuate your home in the event of an emergency then:

  • Listen and comply with instructions from the emergency services

  • Account for all family members

  • Get your pets together with leads, cages etc

  • Take any important items you may need with you, such as mobile phone, credit cards, medication, ID etc

  • Get your ready bag/emergency kit

  • Find out, where safe to do so, if neighbours need any assistance.

It is a good idea to consider now where you might go in case you are asked to evacuate your home. If lots of people have to leave their homes then the local authority will provide temporary emergency accommodation.

However, you may want to go to a relative or friend who lives outside the evacuation area instead. It may be worth checking your home insurance policy as some providers cover for alternative accommodation.

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