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Becoming more resilient

Groups within communities and Parish/Town Councils can help the whole community become more resilient by:

  • being aware of the risks that your community might face

  • having an emergency contacts list for your group so you can keep in touch during an emergency event

  • identifying which members of your community might be vulnerable in an emergency, and be prepared to offer assistance if required

  • developing, or helping to develop, an emergency plan for your organisation or community. A community plan template and guidance can be found on the Community Emergency Plan page or contact the Emergency Planning Team for further information

Communities broadly fall into two categories:

  • Locality based communities e.g. your street, your village, your neighbourhood
  • Community groups e.g. faith groups, after school clubs, neighbourhood watch schemes and Women's Institute.

If you or your community group would like further information on how you can help increase the resilience of your community, please contact the Emergency Planning Team.

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