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Our emergency plans

The Nottinghamshire County Council Emergency Planning Team has in place a variety of multi-agency emergency plans.

These help us and our partner agencies to respond in an emergency situation to the best of our ability. Our plans detail who needs to be involved in the emergency response and what their roles and responsibilities are should the plan be activated.

Click on the tabs below for information about some of the plans we have in place. 

Winter Weather Plan

Winter weather of snow and ice can cause disruption to services, transport and affect access to communities across Nottinghamshire.

This plan covers Nottinghamshire County Council's response to winter weather, specifically low temperatures and heavy snowfall.

The aim of the plan is to facilitate and coordinate Nottinghamshire County Council's assistance to Nottinghamshire communities during winter weather.

The plan outlines:

  • Gritting routes, and the impact of salt conservation on Nottinghamshire communities
  • The measures in place to ensure effective communications with Nottinghamshire communities, NCC staff, elected members and partner organisations prior to and    during a severe winter weather event
  • Documents the system for recording school closures
  • Details arrangement for obtaining additional resources to help maintain critical services (e.g. 4x4 vehicles).

Winter Weather Plan [PDF 1MB]

Check if your home or business is on a winter gritting route.

Major Emergency Plan

The aim of this plan is to outline the arrangements in place for co-ordinating and managing the tactical level response of Nottinghamshire County Council to major emergencies.

The operational procedures for those staff who have been nominated to lead, manage and co-ordinate the overall strategic tactical level response of Nottinghamshire County Council to any major emergency are also outlined.

Emergency Accommodation Plan

Many emergencies necessitate the evacuation of parts of the community. Rest Centres can be set up to care for evacuees who need temporary accommodation or shelter due to an emergency.

This plan outlines procedures for establishing and operating an emergency Rest Centre in Nottinghamshire. It details the roles and responsibilities of staff from a variety of organisations, including the Police, Fire, Ambulance, St John’s, British Red Cross, WRVS and RSPCA. All these are needed in order to run a successful Rest Centre.

Flood Response Plan

Areas of Nottinghamshire may become flooded during adverse weather conditions. Produced by the Local Resilience Forum (consisting of representatives from the Environment Agency, emergency services, local authorities, utility providers and many other organisations) this plan aims to:

  • Identify types of flood risk in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire
  • Outline activation procedures for the emergency response to flooding
  • Agree areas of responsibility between organisations
  • Outline the actions needed for successful recovery.

Due to the size and protective marking of this document it is not avalaible to download. If you would like to have access to this plan or would like further information, please contact us.

Humanitarian Assistance Centre Plan

The purpose of a Humanitarian Assistance Centre is to act as a focal point for information and assistance to families and friends of those missing, injured or killed and to survivors to all those directly affected by an emergency or major incident.

The plan provides a practical guide to establishing and managing Humanitarian Assistance Centres and clarifies roles and responsibilities of organisations which may be involved.

Humanitarian Assistance Centre Plan [PDF 976KB]

Emergency Transport Plan

The aim of the plan is to provide transport for people (and animals) affected by an emergency. Transport procedures for resources needed to assist with an emergency response (e.g. sandbags) are also detailed.

Nottingham Forest Major Incident Plan

As a large sporting venue in Nottinghamshire it is important that emergency plans are in place should a major incident occur at Nottingham Forest FC.

Emergency plans for other sporting venues, such as Mansfield Town Football Club and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club also exist and are updated regularly.

Major Accident Hazard Pipelines Emergency Plan

Pipelines are considered a safe mode of transportation for conveying hazardous substances and are often safer than alternative methods, for example, by road or rail. However, there are occasions when pipeline failures may occur, resulting in loss of containment or release of the pipeline content.

This emergency plan details the procedures to be followed to minimise the impact of a major incident involving a Major Accident Hazard Pipeline within Nottinghamshire.

Coping with a School Emergency

Parents and carers trust schools to keep their children safe. Thanks to the efforts of staff and governors, schools normally remain a safe haven, but they can become involved in an emergency at any time.

'Coping with a school emergency' has been developed by the emergency planning team and the Children, Families & Cultural Services department to provide guidance for schools on how to prepare for emergencies and produce their own emergency plan.

Read more information about this plan


A Heat Health Watch system is operated in England from 1 June to 15 September each year. During this period, the Met Office may forecast heatwaves.

The Department of Health have produced an emergency plan to protect people's health during a heatwave. See their website: www.dh.gov.uk

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