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Business continuity planning

Advice for local businesses

One of the responsibilities of the Emergency Planning Team is to provide advice and assistance to local businesses in relation to business continuity planning in the event of emergencies.

No matter how unlikely it may seem, there is no doubt that all businesses may be faced with an emergency that affects the delivery of their business at some point. Therefore, it’s essential that businesses have contingency plans in place.

Business continuity is the processes and procedures that an organisation puts into place to ensure that essential functions can continue during an emergency and return to a normal level of operation as quickly as possible.

For further information on the process of business continuity and for guidance on how to write your organisation's business continuity plan download the following resources:

More detailed contingency planning guidance for local businesses, including case studies of how the process has benefited organisations, is available on the Nottinghamshire Prepared website: www.nottsprepared.gov.uk. Click on the 'Preparing your business' link.

Alternatively, if you would like specific advice on business continuity planning and preparing your plan please contact the Emergency Planning Team.

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