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Emergency planning

Major emergencies do not happen very often but when they do it's essential that we are ready to respond, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Planning ahead is the most affective way to ensure that if emergencies do happen they have as small an impact as possible on you and your community.

Emergencies that could affect Nottinghamshire include: flooding, severe weather, major transport accidents, industrial accidents, outbreaks of disease including flu pandemics and terrorist incidents.

Our role in emergency planning

To prepare for possible emergencies within the county, the Nottinghamshire County Council Emergency Planning Team:

  • assess local risks in order to identify what we need to plan for

  • write and review emergency plans

  • work with other key organisations to enhance the management of an emergency

  • ensure that Nottinghamshire County Council has plans in place to deliver important services to the public during an emergency

  • share important information with local organisations to enhance emergency preparedness

  • provide an effective 24 hour, 365 days a year service to help in the management of a major emergency.

The Emergency Planning Team help to support the emergency services and other organisations with their emergency response in a number of ways, including:

  • arranging emergency accommodation should members of the public be evacuated from their homes
  • providing emergency transport to move members of the public from the scene of an emergency to a safe location
  • co-ordinating services that the County Council provides that are required as part of the emergency response
  • contributing to the running of assistance centres. Assistance centres will be set up in the aftermath of a major emergency to act as a focal point for information and assistance to families and friends of those missing, injured or killed, and to survivors
  • providing emergency information to the public
  • providing advice and assistance to major sporting venues to ensure that they are prepared for emergencies
  • providing guidance to Parish Councils and other community groups, to help communities prepare for emergencies
  • providing emergency planning guidance to schools.
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