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Substance Misuse

Substance abuse or misuse is the continual misuse of any mind altering substance which severely interferes with an individual's physical and mental health, social situation and responsibilities.

Alcohol dependence is the most common problem of this kind, but the misuse of any drug, including heroin, cocaine, crack and cannabis, comes into this category, as does the misuse of volatile substances such as glue and aerosols, prescription and or over the counter medicines.  Substance Misuse, whether alcohol or drug based, can result in social problems of unemployment, homelessness, poverty and involvement in crime

What can you do?

The strain of managing an addiction can seriously damage a person’s work and relationships. In the case of substance abuse (for example drugs and alcohol), an addiction can have serious psychological and physical effects. Whatever the addiction, there are many ways you can seek help, including seeing your GP for advice, or by contacting one of the specialist services.

Who can help

Alcohol Misuse support.

Find alcohol misusesupport services that are right for you or someone you know on the NHS website.

Substance Misuse support

Find drug addiction support services that are right for you or someone you know on the NHS website.

Talk to FRANK

Talk to Frank provides young people with the facts about drug use so they can make informed choices. This non-judgemental approach focuses on harm reduction.  Tel: 0800 77 66 00


You can call Nottinghamshire Police on 101. In an emergency always call 999.

Your local councils

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