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Nottinghamshire County Council - Proud of our past, ambitious for our future

About the Children, Families and Cultural Services department


We want Nottinghamshire to be a place where children are safe and happy, where everyone enjoys a good quality of life, and where everyone can achieve their potential.

The Department is split into three divisions that work to achieve our ambition. These are:

The Department is led by Anthony May, Corporate Director for Children, Families and Cultural Services.

Download the CFCS structure chart [PDF] for named contacts for the groups and services.

Service Directory - Children, Families and Cultural Services 2013

Children’s social care   

Children’s social care aims to provide the most vulnerable children and young people in Nottinghamshire with the support and protection that they need to be safe, secure and happy, and to achieve their full potential.

The division is led by Steve Edwards, Service Director for Children's social care.
The division covers several different services:


Assessment team    

Undertake child protection enquiries and carry out initial assessments of referrals which meet the thresholds for involvement of Children’s Social Care.

District Child Protection Team    

Provide support to children living at home under child in need or child protection plans.

Through Care Service (for children in the care of the Council)   

  • Permanence team - working with children with an adoption plan.

  • Court work team - working with children who are subject to care proceedings.

  • Looked After Children team - working with children living in fostering/residential care long-term.

  • Leaving Care team - working with young people leaving the care system aged 16-18.

Inclusive Children’s Disability Service   

  • Social work provision for children with a disability including assessment, child in need and child protection services.

  • Residential care and home care.

  • Respite care and short breaks.

  • Occupational therapy.

Access to Resources   

Access to Resources brings together all provider services in Children’s Social Care. This includes:

  • Commissioning of placements for Looked After Children.

  • Fostering.

  • Adoption.

  • Mainstream residential homes.

  • Secure children’s home.

  • Social Work teams specialising in Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

  • Family Support services.

Safeguarding and Independent Review   

Safeguarding and Independent Review leads on issues related to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, both within the County Council and with partnership agencies through the Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children’s Board. The Independent Chair Service also sits in this area and is responsible for quality assuring work undertaken with children in care or children involved in the child protection process.


Education standards and inclusion    

This division is responsible for ensuring that all children and young people in Nottinghamshire have access to high quality provision and support that meets the needs of all learners. This includes provision in schools and colleges of Further Education, as well as other education and training providers.

The division is led by John Slater, Service Director for Education standards and inclusion.

The services in this division include:


Support to Schools   

The Support to School service combines Education Improvement and Strategic Place Planning and School Admissions services.

Behaviour Service/The Learning Centre   

The Learning Centre is a Short Stay School and provides out of school provision for children and young people aged between 7-16 years who are currently not in other schools as a result of their behaviour. It is registered with the Department for Education as a ‘pupil referral unit’ and therefore falls within the scope of the school inspection framework.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy and Provision   

SEND Policy and Provision is responsible for delivering a range of special educational support services, managing SEND resources and developing SEND policy and strategy.

Business Development and Support   

Business Development and Support provides the Department infrastructure for centrally coordinated business and administrative functions.


Youth, Families and Culture   

Youth, Families and Culture comprises a number of direct delivery services that serve children and young people, families and also the wider community.

The division is led by Derek Higton, Service Director for Youth, Families and Culture.
This division covers:

Early Years and Early Intervention service   

The Early Years & Early Intervention service provides a universal and targeted service for families with children aged 0 – 12 who are in need of support. There are 58 children’s centres providing Children’s Centre Core Offer (0 – 5), Enhanced Family Support Offer (0 – 12) and a gateway to a range of other services.

Targeted Support and Youth Justice Service group    

This group comprises prevention, restorative justice and statutory criminal justice services (the former Youth Offending Service functions). These are augmented by the new Targeted Support structures which provide services for older children and young people who are vulnerable but do not require child protection services.

Young People’s Service group   

The Young People’s Service group comprises the Youth Service, Skills for Employment, Play, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Children & Young People’s Participation, Looked After Youth Services and the Disability Support Team. There are two externally funded teams; Learning Centre Support and Play for Disabled Children.

Health Partnerships   

Health Partnerships include establishing and maintaining joint commissioning support for shared health priorities and developing and embedding a child poverty strategy across the Council and partner services.

Libraries, Archives and Information group   

The Libraries, Archives and Information group provides a range of community based reading, learning, information, heritage and cultural services. These services are delivered through a comprehensive network of library and archive buildings, mobile libraries, community settings and on-line through the internet.

Cultural and Enrichment Services group   

The Cultural and Enrichment Services group provides a mixture of provision and comprises Outdoor & Environmental Education, the Achievement & Equality Service, Arts & Sports for children and young people as well Arts & Sports provision serving the wider community, plus the National Water Sports Centre.

Country Parks and Green Estate Service group   

The Country Parks and Green Estate Service group manages the country parks at Rufford, Sherwood Forest, Bestwood and Cotgrave, as well as approximately 90 other green space sites across the County, totalling 6,500 acres.

Executive Support service   

The Executive Support serviceprovides cross-cutting support across all three divisions, helping services to deliver their priorities by providing a range of functions that offer the right mix of information, advice, support and challenge.

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