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Community Support Services (disabled children)

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If you think you could be a foster carer for us, we'd love to hear from you.

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tel: 0845 301 8899

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The county-wide service provides opportunities for disabled children/young people to make new friends, develop their independence whilst giving parents and siblings a break from caring.

Where other types of fostering provide placements for children and young people because of problems within the family such as neglect or abuse, short breaks carers provide positive experiences for everyone including support for parents by giving them a break; this is normally agreed between parents, workers and carers and could be one weekend per month or support during school holidays.

Regular training and support is offered to all carers.

Types of care

We offer:

Home From Home foster care

Foster care families welcome a disabled child/young person into their homes for short breaks which range from a few hours a week to regular overnight stays.

These links provide opportunities for disabled children/young people to broaden their experiences and make new friendships whilst their parents/siblings enjoy a change.

Contract care

Contract carers offer regular short breaks for disabled children/young people whose needs are complex and challenging.

Carers will be self employed and work principally from home. A separate bedroom would be needed, and carers are expected to be available for four days (three nights) per week, which will include two weekends out of every four.

Occasionally, the care needs of a particular child/young person are such that care is best provided in their own home. 

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