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Breaks from caring

Support from Nottinghamshire County Council

Carers breaks may be available through the person you care for having a community care assessment. This allows them to get support such as going out during the day or having trips away which gives their main carer a break. For more information see the assessing your needs page.

You can also have a carer's assessment which may lead to a personal budget. This can be spent on things such as:

  • funding towards the cost of holidays, weekends away, days out, spa days etc.
  • transport for a break away or visiting family

Shared lives

Our Shared Lives scheme may also be able to help. The person you care for can be supported by someone else and their family, giving you a break and some time for yourself.

Support from the NHS

Local Clinical Commissioning Groups (except Nottingham City) fund breaks for eligible carers. However, to receive these you first need to have a carer's assessment from us and have been assessed as eligible. The person that you care for does not need to be assessed for an ‘NHS carer break’. The breaks usually take the form of ‘one-off’ residential or home-based services.

As the funding is provided by the local NHS, the carer and the person care for must be resident in Nottinghamshire County (except Nottingham City).  The carer and the person cared for must also be registered with a Nottinghamshire County GP (except Nottingham City).

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