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Attendance Allowance

What is Attendance Allowance? (AA)

Attendance Allowance is a non taxable weekly benefit for people over 65 who need a lot of looking after because they have an illness or disability.

  • AA is not means tested - your income and savings (or those of your partner) are not considered.

  • Receiving AA may entitle you to other benefits (or increase the value of those benefits). The introduction of the new Personal Independence Payment benefit does not affect Attendance Allowance.

  • AA is available whether you live alone or with other people.

For more information about AA, download our factsheet [PDF].

Who qualifies for Attendance Allowance?

You must be:

  • 65 or over

  • have needed help for at least six months.

  • expect to need help for at least a further six months.

Examples of people awarded AA

Mr Lewis has a heart condition and recently suffered a mild stroke. He is unsteady on his feet and often falls. His neighbours call in to check he is alright and help him get dressed and go to the toilet. He gets the lower rate of Attendance Allowance.

Mrs Jones lives with her daughter. She is very forgetful and confused. She sometimes leaves the gas rings on and often forgets to get dressed. She cannot be left safely in the house on her own at night as she often wanders. She gets the higher rate of Attendance Allowance.

How much is Attendance Allowance worth?

It is paid at two rates depending on how much care you need.

  • Lower Rate - £55.10 per week
  • Higher Rate - £82.30 per week

People who are terminally ill

People who are terminally ill (where death can reasonably be expected within 6 months) automatically receive the higher rate of AA. This applies whether the person needs extra help or not. The person does not need to have required help for the previous 6 months.

These claims are dealt with quicker than standard claims.

There is a special section in the AA claim pack to complete in this situation.

This is known as claiming under Special Rules and the Gov.uk website has more information about how to go about this. 

How to claim Attendance Allowance

Getting help with filling in the application form

Form filling guides

Use our form filling guides if you need help with the application form.

Online support

Many organisations supporting people with specific conditions offer advice on form filling on their websites. See our How to get advice page for details.

In person
Our Benefits advice sessions page lists local organisations that can offer help with filling in forms.

Existing claims

To discuss an existing claim for AA:

  • Phone 0345 6056055
  • Textphone 0345 604 5312

If you are refused Attendance Allowance

Our Challenging decisions page gives further advice if your claim is turned down or you do not believe you have been awarded the right rate of AA.

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