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Income Support


A weekly benefit paid to certain categories of people on a low income who don't have to sign on as unemployed.

It can also be paid as a top up of other benefits.

You can get help with your mortgage and some other housing costs as part of your Income Support.

Who is the benefit aimed at?
  • Long-term ill / disabled
  • Carers
  • Pregnant / recently given birth
Who qualifies for the benefit?

Certain categories of people are entitled to this benefit for example those with caring responsibilities, disabilities (limited circumstances), lone parents and Asylum Seeker’s.

How to apply

To begin the claims process phone            0800 055 6688

Or use the Textphone                                0800 023 4888


To discuss an existing claim please phone the relevant number for your area

            DN10 (Harworth)                   -           0845 6088 508

            DN22 (Retford)                      -           0845 6088 518

            S81 (Langold)                       -            0845 6088 518

            Mansfield                               -           0845 6088 518

            NG17 (Sutton/Kirkby)           -            0845 6088 518

            NG15 (Hucknall)                    -           0845 6088 528

            Nottingham                            -          0845 6088 528

            NG13 (Elton)                          -          0845 6088 528

            NG24 (Newark)                     -           0845 6088 528

            NG16 (Jacksdale)                 -            0845 6088 506

            LE12 (East Leake)               -            0845 6088 525


Click on the link to download an application form.


Further information

Click on the link to go to the Income Support pages on the GOV.UK website.


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