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Transport to services

Who can have transport provided by the council?

We encourage you to make your own way to services.

Where this isn't possible, we will do an assessment to see if you meet our transport eligibility criteria. 

If you do, then we will arrange transport for you or you can choose to take funding for transport in the form of a direct payment. If we organise transport on your behalf, it could be one of our own vehicles or a vehicle arranged for you, such as a taxi or specialist ambulance. 

We will fund transport for you to get to the appropriate service that is nearest to your home. 

It is possible for you to be eligible for care and support services but not eligible to have transported provided or funded to get there. If you are not eligible for transport from us you may find the Transport Accessible To All website useful.

To be sent a copy of the Travel Policy or for any other information about social care transport please contact us

How much does transport from us cost?

The charge for transport is £7 per day (single or return). 

The charge is the same, however far you travel. This charge will be invoiced to you by our Adult Finance Care Services, unless you have a direct payment for transport, in which case the charge will be taken off your weekly direct payment. You can ask for a financial assessment to be carried out if you think you can't afford to pay the full charge. 

Some people do not have to pay the transport charge. For example:

  • If your transport costs are paid by another local authority or by the NHS
  • If you are already paying towards an Independent Living Fund package
  • If you have been discharged from hospital on a Section 117 Agreement (under the Mental Health Act 1983) and this is still in place for your after-care
  • If you started to use transport to day services because we changed the day centre you attend as part of our day service modernisation programme (2011).

Cancelling transport

You will be charged for each day that transport has been booked for you. 

However, if you give 48 hours notice to the Council service or to the Transport Department that you do not need the transport on a particular day, you will not be charged. Please try to give some notice even if it is not possible to give 48 hours. If you cannot give notice because of an emergency admission to hospital, the charge may be waived. 

Other social care transport information

Further Support

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Visit Nottinghamshire Help Yourself to find information and advice on care and support, as well as local organisations that provide care services. 

Contact Us

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You can email our customer service centre for information about transport eligibility, charges or any other aspect of social care transport. 

Email: enquiries@nottscc.gov.uk

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By telephone

tel: 0300 500 80 80 

You can call us:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday: 8am to 12 noon
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