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Personal budgets

A personal budget is an amount of money that will meet your long-term social care needs. We will offer you a personal budget if your community care assessment says you are eligible for support. 

Free DVD

Personal budgets DVD cover

We have a free DVD that explains all about personal budgets. It includes people who've already had one describing the difference it's made to their lives.

For your free copy telephone 0115 977 3234.

Your indicative personal budget

Your community care assessment includes a range of questions about your personal situation, how you want to live and what you want to be able to do. The answers to these questions show the amount of support you need. We use these answers to work out the likely size of your personal budget using our resource allocation system. This is called your indicative personal budget as the final amount is not agreed until later.

We will let you know your indicative personal budget as soon as possible after your community care assessment.


Paying towards your support

Most people, although not all, need to pay something towards their personal budget. How we work out what you need to pay is explained on our paying towards your support page.

Factsheet: Living at home - paying towards your Personal Budget [PDF]

Ways of having your personal budget

You can have your personal budget in three different ways:

Direct payment - this is a cash payment we give you so you can buy the support you need yourself. A direct payment gives you most flexibility and control over your support. You also have more responsibility for arranging your support. For more information see our direct payments page.

Managed personal budget - we will arrange the services that meet your support needs for you. A managed personal budget is less flexible than a direct payment but you have less responsibility to arrange your support. For more information see our managed personal budget page.

Mixed personal budget – you can arrange part of your support yourself using a direct payment and get us to arrange the rest using a managed personal budget.

If you have any questions about the different options talk to your social care worker.


Support planning

Once you know your indicative personal budget you need to make a support plan.

Your support plan must clearly show:

  •  what support you need (such as help with washing or dressing or getting out in the community)

  •  what services or activities you intend to spend your personal budget on to meet these needs

  •  what plans you have for an emergency (for example your carer being ill)

  •  any risks there are in your plan.

Your social care worker will help you complete your support plan. You can also have anyone else you want to help you (such as family, friend or advocate).

Your support plan needs to be agreed by Nottinghamshire County Council to ensure it is affordable, legal and a proper use of social care funds.

Our social care directory provides details of a range of organisations across Nottinghamshire that can provide support, services and activities you can use in your support plan.

The Support with Confidence register provides a list of approved personal assistants who have been trained in supporting people to live independently. They have all had enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks and supplied references.

Our community support page also gives contacts that might be useful.


Your agreed personal budget

When your support plan has been agreed by us your personal budget will be confirmed.

You can now get your support started.

Reviewing your support

We will review your personal budget regularly to make sure that you have used the money properly and that it has met your needs. The review is a chance to check how things are going, see if any changes are needed and if you are still eligible for social care.

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