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Long-Term Personal Support

Long-term personal support is available to adults who struggle with daily tasks. It covers things such as:

  • personal care such as washing, dressing and getting around (traditionally called homecare)
  • domestic chores such as housework and shopping
  • help to get out in the community and take part in activities
  • support for carers so they can have a break from caring.

Do I need long-term personal support from the Council?

There are many alternatives to getting long-term support from the Council. These are often more suitable for people than support from us. We will usually look at whether any of these alternatives can meet your needs before looking at long-term personal support from us.

Continuing healthcare

Continuing healthcare is ongoing care, arranged and funded solely by the NHS, for people with healthcare needs. The care may be provided in your own home or a care home. It can include personal care (such as help with washing and dressing) as well as support from health professionals (such as a community nurse). Unlike support provided by the Council there is no charge for continuing healthcare. For more information, including details of who is eligible, see the NHS Choices website.


How can I get long-term personal support?

There are several steps to getting long-term personal support from Nottinghamshire County Council.

Download our factsheet that explains more about how we provide long-term personal support.

We also have an easy read version of the factsheet for people with learning disabilities.

Assessing your needs

If no alternatives to long-term support appear suitable we will carry out a community care assessment to look at your social care needs. Our assessment page explains what this involves.

If the assessment says you are eligible for support from us you will get a personal budget.  

Personal budget

This is an amount of money that we agree will meet your long-term support needs. Our personal budget page gives you more information about how we work out your personal budget, the different ways of receiving it and how to organise your support.

Paying for your support

We will do a financial assessment to work out how much you may need to contribute towards your personal budget. Most but not all people need to pay something. Our paying towards your support page explains what is involved.

Reviewing your support

We wil review your support and personal budget regularly to make sure you still need the support and it still meets your needs.

Telephone icon

Contact us about Long Term Personal Support

Contact us and tell us about your needs. You can do this yourself or get someone else (such as family, friend or GP) to do this for you. 

Telephone 0300 500 80 80


If you are in hospital ask to speak to the hospital social work team.

If someone else is contacting us on your behalf they should:

  •  have your permission
  •  have some basic information about you ready, including what language you speak, if English is not your first language.

If you need any help to contact us our advocacy services might be able to help.

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