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Occupational therapy service

Occupational therapy looks for solutions to the practical difficulties you are having at home.

Contact us

If you think occupational therapy might help you contact us and tell us about your needs.

What help might we offer?

Advice and Information

We may be able to work with you, or anyone who cares for you, to find different and easier ways of doing things. 


Depending on your needs we can supply equipment to help you stay living in your own home. For example: 

  • specialised shower seats
  • chair raise
  • toilet equipment. 

Any equipment we provide is free of charge on a long-term loan.

We do not provide equipment for temporary conditions such as a hip replacement or broken leg. If you are in hospital contact the hospital occupational therapy service before you are discharged.

Direct payments for equipment

If we offer you a piece of equipment but you prefer a more expensive version (that still meets the same needs) we might be able to help towards the cost. We may offer you an amount of money equivilant to the cost of equipment that we offer. This is called a direct payment. You can add your own money to this and buy the more expensive version. Contact us for full information about direct payments for equipment.

Broken equipment    

If the broken equipment was supplied by us it will have a sticker/label on it saying that it comes from Nottinghamshire County Council, British Red Cross or Nottingham Rehab Supplies.

Within the loan period - telephone the British Red Cross on 0845 127 2911 to arrange for a replacement.

If the loan period has passed - telephone us on 0300 500 80 80. We need to look at whether the equipment is still suitable for your situation.

If the equipment was not supplied by us contact the original supplier for advice and support.


Adaptations and alterations to your home may help you or anyone who cares for you to manage essential daily activities more easily. For example: stair rails, grab rails, stair lifts. You may be expected to pay something towards the cost of major adaptations. 

For more information about adaptations see our adaptations page.

Other relevant services

We can refer or direct you to other relevant services such as community physiotherapy, falls prevention, chiropody, welfare benefit checks, district nursing, dietician and many others. 


If you can no longer manage in your present home we can advise you about what is involved in moving to a more suitable property. Our somewhere to live section gives more information about housing options.

Who can get help?

You can get help from Nottinghamshire County Council if you:

  •  live in Nottinghamshire (except Nottingham City)

  •  have a permanent and substantial disability

  •  have considerable difficulty with everyday tasks

You can also get help if you are having difficulty caring for someone with a disability.

You might also get occupational therapy as part of a wider package of short-term personal support.


Other sources of help

The Disabilities Living Centre (DLC)

Provides information, advice and assessments on equipment and services for disabled people, elderly people, their carers and professional staff. 

Telephone:  0115 985 5780

Web:  www.dlcnotts.co.uk

Address: Middleton Court, Glaisdale Parkway, Glaisdale Drive West, Nottingham.  NG8 4GP

Handyperson Preventative Adaptations Schemes (HPAS)

Helps older or disabled people with practical jobs at home. See our HPAS page for more information.

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