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Adapting your home

Adaptations and alterations to your home can help you live safely and independently and make everyday tasks easier.

Nottinghamshire Help Yourself lists a number of organisations who provide home and housing support services.

Small adaptations can help with everyday tasks and activities such as:

  • struggling up and down stairs (for example grab rails, hand rails)
  • getting in and out of your home (for example half steps)
  • turning taps, door handles and locks.

You can get small adaptations done in several ways:

Having a major adaptation to your home

A major adaptation is usually one costing more than £1,000. It can include things such as:

  • widening doors
  • installing stair lifts or ceiling hoists. 

If you are planning to pay for the work yourself, and you are using a private company, make sure you agree a price beforehand. Our Trading Standards pages can offer advice if you have any disputes. 

Disabled Facilities Grants

If you are a disabled person who needs help to live independently, you might be able to get a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). For information about DFGs see our fact sheet - Disabled Facilities Grant [PDF].

Planning an adaptation

  • A DFG may be available if you own your own home or rent from a private landlord - you will have to have a care and support assessment [PDF] to see what work is needed.
  • If you rent from a council or housing association -contact them direct. They may have homes available which have already been adapted and are suitable for you. If not, they may advise you to contact us to start an assessment. 
  • If you are a private landlord looking to get adaptations done for a tenant with a disability contact us

Further information

Information about Disabled Facilities grants is also available on the GOV.UK website


Adaptations arranged by us

Responsibility depends on what the adaptation is and when it was done. If you are unsure when a stair lift was fitted contact us.

Stair lift

Installed pre-1996  

  • Contact Prism Medical on 0844 980 2260 and select option 4. 

Installed after 1996 

  • Contact the home owner or landlord. 

Ceiling track hoist 

  • Contact Prism Medical on 0844 980 2260 and select option 4. 

Wet room 

Installed after 1996

  • Contact the home owner or landlord. 

Adaptations that are your responsibility

If you need repairs to an adaptation that is your responsibility you can try:

Some homes aren't suitable for adaptations and some people still won't be able to manage in their present home even if adaptations have been done. We can advise you about what is involved in moving to a more suitable property. Our somewhere to live section gives more information about housing options.

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