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Day services

What are day services?   

Day services provide opportunities to do things during the day and help people stay independent and living at home. They offer:

  • social activities to help you to remain active and reduce isolation

  • support to help you access education, employment and training

  • information about local facilities and housing

  • information about other support you might be able to get from the Council.

Contact us about day services

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Contact our Customer Service Centre and tell us about your needs.   

Support from the council to go to day services    

To get support from Nottinghamshire County Council to go to a day service you need to be eligible for care and support and have a personal budget. See a list of Nottinghamshire County Council day services [PDF]

We have an approved list of day services that are provided  by Nottinghamshire County Council and a range of organisations independent of the council [PDF]. These day services have passed quality standards and have agreed to accept our prices for day services.

You could attend other day services that are not on our approved list, but you will have to take your personal budget as a direct payment to be able to do this.

How much do our day services cost?

The charge for our day services depends on the amount of support you need. There are four levels of support and we decide which level you need depending on your care and support assessment [PDF] and any other information we have.


Charges for support
 Level of support
 Charge per half day
 Charge per full day
 Low level
 £7.65  £15.30
 Medium level
 £11.22  £22.44
 High level
 £16.83  £33.66
 Complex level
 £32.64  £65.28

The amount you actually pay for the service depends on your financial situation. We will do a financial assessment to see how much this is.

As well as the charge to receive the service you will also need to pay for any community activities you take part in, for example day trips.

If you have any queries about the cost of your day services or the level of support offered don't hesitate to contact us.

Examples of how much you will pay


Jane's community care assessment shows she needs a “high” level of support, so her Council-run day service will cost £33.66 per day.

Jane goes to the day service three days a week so she is charged £100.98

Her financial assessment shows she can only afford to contribute £25 per week.

Jane will pay £25 per week towards her day service, not £100.98.


Robert's community care assessment shows he needs a “low” level of support so his Council-run day service will cost £15.30 per day.

He only needs to attend for one day per week, so is charged £15.30

Robert's financial assessment says he can afford to contribute £50 per week.

Robert will pay £15.30 per week towards his day service.

As he is paying the whole cost of the day service he is known as a "self-funder".

Where do the services happen?

Nottinghamshire County Council runs day services from 10 local bases around the county.

There are many other day services run by different organisations. Some of these are on our list of approved providers and some are not.

Your care coordinator can tell you more about the options available to you. This will depend on where you live, the kind of support you need and the activities you would like to do during the day.

Travel to day services   

We encourage you to make your own way to places. However, if you ask us to provide transport we will do an assessment to se if you are eligible for transport from us. Some people are eligible for day services support but not transport.

For more information see our social care transport page.

Meals at day services   

Council-run day services all have meals available although you are welcome to take a packed lunch if you prefer. Some of our day services offer a meal for a set price of £3.95. Others operate a cafeteria or coffe bar where you can buy individual items.

The meals offered at independent organisations vary and you should check what is on offer and the price with the day service you want to go to. You can always take a packed lunch if you prefer.

Missing a day   

If you have to miss going to a planned day service session, you will still be charged for the session. This i the Council still have to pay the provider for your place in the service. However, you won’t be asked to pay if :

  • The service is closed You are admitted to hospital or have to attend an out-patient appointment
  • You are receiving out-patient care for diagnosis or treatment, relating to a specific illness or disability, which means that you are too ill to attend
  • You go into short term care (eg to give a carer a break)

Someone will need to let the day service know if you miss a session due to a one of the circumstances above, so that we can amend our records. It is important you keep your own records of sessions so that you can check the repayment advice we send you.”


Trying out a day service   

When you first go to a day service you may be offered a day or more as a trial period. You will not be charged for the day service or transport during this trial period.

Other options

Many community groups offer activities and opportunities to do things during the day. See our arranging your own support page for more information.

Nottinghamshire Help Yourself lists a number of organisations who provide day care services. 

There are also lunch clubs for older people run by a variety of different organisations.

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