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Home care staff recruitment

Support to live at home

There is a wide range of support to help you live at home and stay independent. You might need support because you are elderly, have a disability or a health condition.

Nottinghamshire Help Yourself

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If you are looking for information, advice and support on care and support you may be able to find what you need from our Nottinghamshire Help Yourself website. 

The website lists a number of organisations that provide care services covering a variety of areas. The information included ranges from that for a specific health condition through to support groups, leisure activities, finance and work. 

Arranging your own support

There is a lot of support available to help you live at home that is not provided by Nottinghamshire County Council. 

Nottinghamshire Help Yourself is the place to visit if you need help with tasks such as shopping, getting about, odd jobs and gardening or to find things to do during the day such as lunch clubs, activities and classes. 


You can contact our meals service directly to arrange a meal at home or to get information about our home from hospital scheme. 

Handy persons adaptions scheme

The handy persons adaptions scheme provides help with essential minor adaptations to your home and small practical jobs.

First Contact

Filling in one simple checklist enables people aged over 60 to get vital services from a range of organisations without having to contact them all. These services include:

  •  a fire safety check
  •  a home security check
  •  home repairs or mobility adaptations
  •  energy saving improvements to keep warm and reduce energy bills
  •  confidential advice on money entitlements
  •  signposting to local voluntary and community groups and clubs
  •  advice on types of housing accommodation that may be available.

Contact us about First Contact

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By telephone

tel: 0300 500 80 80 

You can call us:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday: 8am to 12 noon

Community Outreach Advisors

Community Outreach Advisors visit people at home to look at what support they need to help them stay independent. They offer advice and information on a range of topics such as home safety and security, home adaptations, mobility aids, transport, social activities and benefits.

Referrals to the service can come from the individuals, their family or carers, or professionals such as GPs.

There are seven Community Outreach Advisors across the county. Find out more on the Nottinghamshire Help Yourself website. 

Housing Choices

Housing Choice is aimed at people who recognise that they are starting to find things difficult in their own homes and want to consider their options to meet their changing needs, these might include moving to more suitable accommodation or making changes to their existing property to keep them safe. 

The service is also aimed at advice, health and social care workers to support older and vulnerable people. 

The Housing Choices Advisor or Caseworker can:

  • Provide information, advice or support on a one to one basis
  • Provide support to explore different housing options and help put these changes in place, where appropriate
  • Give support in the moving process, arrange valuations, accompany to property viewings, arrange removals
  • Refer on to other services

Bassetlaw:   Contact - Jayne Bullock   Tel: 01777 709650  Email: jbullock@bassetlawactioncentre.org.uk

Your local district council can also provide you with information on housing in your area.

See our somewhere to live page for housing support available from Nottinghamshire County Council. 

Further advice

  • First Stop Advice - free and impartial service to help you get the support or care needed to live as independently and comfortably as possible
  • Money Advice Service - free and impartial money advice, set up by the government. 


Contact us about care and support

Our aim is to help you maintain your independence at home for as long as possible. We will start by giving you advice and information about things that might help you.

If advice and information is not enough we may offer you help to regain skills or prevent your situation getting worse. This help is especially for: 

  • Older or disabled people who feel vulnerable or have lost confidence living at home
  • People who have had an accident or illness that means they struggle to do things they used to do
  • People who have been discharged from hospital and need a bit of extra support to get independent again.

Contact us

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By telephone

tel: 0300 500 80 80 

You can call us:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday: 8am to 12 noon

We can work with you to regain the skills and confidence to live as independently as possible. It can help with tasks such as getting dressed, using the bathroom, getting around your home and cooking. This support would be short term and we refer to it as reablement.

We will visit you to:

  •  discuss the kind of support you need and how we can help you 
  •  agree the support we can offer you in a support plan 
  •  work with you to help you achieve what’s been agreed in your plan.

Some of the things we may do: 

  •  suggest doing things in different ways to how you have done them in the past
  •  offer small items of equipment to make tasks easier
  •  let you know about other kinds of help you could get and different ways you can pay for it.

What if I need more support? 

Care and support is available to adults who struggle with daily tasks such as domestic chores, personal care including dressing and washing and help to get out in the community. 

If you need more support you may need to have care and support assessment [PDF] to find out if you are eligible for our support. If you need help to be involved in this you can be referred to an advocate

If you are eligible for care and support we will work with you to decide how to meet your needs and achieve your goals. This will be recorded in your care and support plan [PDF]. You may be offered a personal budget which you could take as a:

We will review your support and personal budget regularly to make sure you still need the support and it still meets your needs.

If you are not eligible we will provide you with information and advice. 

Most people have to contribute something towards care and support, view our paying for your support page for more information. 

What support is available?

The support available includes: 

Support is also available for carers so they can have a break from caring. 

Continuing healthcare is ongoing care, arranged and funded solely by the NHS, for people with healthcare needs. The care may be provided in your own home or a care home. It can include personal care (such as help with washing and dressing) as well as support from health professionals (such as a community nurse). Unlike support provided by the Council there is no charge for continuing healthcare. For more information, including details of who is eligible, see the NHS Choices website.
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