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How to get housing or support

Who can get housing or support?   

You can get housing or support from us if you are over 16 years old and:

  • are homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • need support to remain in your home
  • are escaping domestic violence
  • have mental health problems
  • have learning disabilities
  • are older and need support to stay independent.

What support is available?   

The support is designed to help someone find or sustain accommodation. It can include help with:

  • finance (for example welfare benefits, reducing debt / arrears, budgetting)
  • independent living skills (for example cooking, cleaning, dealing with bills)
  • getting education, training and employment
  • managing a tenancy (for example maintaining property, reporting problems, relationships with neighbours, abiding by tennancy agreements)
  • signposting to other services (for example Citizens Advice, legal, mental health, debt advice)
  • emotional and wellbeing
  • keeping safe from others or reducing harm to others
  • managing mental or physical health including substance use
  • increasing confidence and involvement with community.

The support can take many forms:

  • Short-term accommodation - for people who need temporary housing with support, often in times of crisis.
    Examples: refuges for women escaping domestic violence, hostels for people who are homeless.
  • Long-term accommodation - for people who need longer-term support to live as independently as possible.
    Examples: supported living for people with learning disabilities.
  • Floating or outreach support - long or short term support with everyday living to help people remain in their own home. This will happen at a convenient base arranged by the support provider or someones own home.
    Examples: help to prevent eviction, help to budget your money, help to find other specialist services.

Details of what support is offered is in our list of services.

How do I get support?   

Search our list of services for the support you think you need. You may be able to contact the service yourself but sometimes you will need to get someone else to do it for you. Each entry on the list tells you how to make contact.

How much do I pay for support?   

This depends on the type of support you receive.

  • Where support is short-term it will be free. If accommodation is included then there may be a charge for the rent depending on your income. For people on low income or benefits, local housing allowance will cover some or all of it. There will also be a charge for services such as electricity and water.
  • If support is longer-term there will usually be a charge. If people are on a low income and or get benefits, they will not have to pay anything or the costs will be reduced.

All costs will be fully explained before any support starts and help will be given to claim any benefits available.

What if I'm not happy about the support I receive?

Your first step is to talk to the staff or manager of the service providing the support. They will have a way of dealing with your comments and complaints.

If you are unhappy with the way the service has dealt with your complaint then contact us.

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