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Supported Living

We can support you to live in your own home. We call this supported living.


Who is supported living for?

It is for people with a learning disability (and sometimes mental health problems) who want to live as independently as possible.

Supported living can work for people who don't need much help as well as people who need a lot of help with personal care and to keep safe.


What sort of help can I get?

You will be encouraged to make your own choices about daily living. You can get help to do lots of things. For example:

  •  managing your money
  •  cooking and shopping
  •  staying healthy
  •  getting out and about.


How much help can I get?

This depends on you and what you want to do. Some people only need a few hours of support each week. Other people need to have someone with them for most of the time, including at night.


How does it work?

We talk to you about how much support you might need. We call this an assessment.

If we agree that supported living is right for you we will help you choose:

  •  who you live with. Some people live on their own, some people share their home with other people
  •  who provides your support. You can choose the support provider you think gives you the best service
  •  where you live. This could include your own flat, a shared house or an intentional community. Talk to your social worker about what is possible.


How much will I pay?

What you pay depends upon:

  •  how much support you need
  •  how much money you have.

Not everyone will pay the same amount.


How can I find out more?

Contact our Customer Service Centre or your Community Mental Health Team.


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