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Paying for a care home

Almost everyone who lives in a care home has to pay something towards the cost of it.

How much you pay depends on your income and assets (including any property you own) and how much the care home charges.

Use the links below to find information for your situation:


What does living in a care home cost?

The amount care homes charge depends on the quality of the care home. 

Each year, every residential home in Nottinghamshire is audited and factors such as the quality of care provided and the living environment are looked at. 

Each home is put into one of five bands - Band 1 homes are the cheapest and Band 5 homes the most expensive. 

My income and assets are above £23,250   

If your income and assets (including any property) are greater than £23,250 you will have to pay the full cost of living in a care home. People in this situation are known as self-funders.

Property value

The value of your home will not count towards this figure if your care is temporary or someone still lives there who is:

  • your partner
  • a relative who is over 60 years old or is claiming disability related benefits
  • a child under 16 who you or a former partner support.

If you have a property but your other capital is less than £23,250 and your income doesn't cover your care home fees, we will help you with the cost for the first 12 weeks of permanent care (providing we agree that care is required).

You can get more information about being a self-funder in our factsheet:

Advice for self-funders

We strongly recommend that self-funders seek specialist information and advice and explore all of the funding options available. The funding of long-term care is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life – lack of planning could result in depletion of your assets and inheritance for your loved ones.

Two good places to start for advice are:

If you own your home you may want to consider using a Deferred Payment Agreement - this is a loan for your care fees using your home as a security. Find out more in our Paying for your own residential care [PDF]. 

My income and assets are below £23,250   

If your income and assets (including any property) are below £23,250 you may be able to get support from Nottinghamshire County Council. 

To work out how much you might have to pay we will do a community care assessment and a financial assessment. These will look at:

  • your needs
  • your income and assets
  • any benefits you are entitled to claim.

If we agree you are eligible you will be entitled to financial support up to a standard limit for the type of care provided for you.

This is a complicated area and we recommend you read the factsheets available below: 

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