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Transition to adult services

We offer support with personal and service changes as you move from childhood to becoming an adult.

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Will I be eligible for care and support?

If you are likely to need care and support when you turn 18 then you must be assessed by Nottinghamshire County Council. 

Usually schools or children's social care services recognise the need for an assessment and will make a referral to the transition service. Where this has not happened you or a family member can make a referral through our Customer Service Centre.

After the transition service has looked at the the referral, you will be advised whether you meet the threshold for an assessment and what the next steps will be. The assessment will determine whether you are eligible for care and support. For more information view the Care and Support assessment factsheet [PDF].

Under the Care Act 2015 local authorities must continue to provide a young person with children's services when they become 18 if the person is eligible for adult services but these are not yet in place. This is so there is no gap in social care provision. 

When will I have an assessment?

We recognise that the best time to plan can be different for each child, so we are flexible when deciding when to assess a young person's care and support needs.

As your needs will change between the age of 14 and 18 (or when you leave school) you may want to wait until closer to your 18th birthday (or after) until you have an assessment. 

What is an assessment?

A young person's assessment will indicate whether you will be eligible for care and support when you turn 18.

If the assessment determines you are not eligible for care and support you will be given advice and information about other ways to achieve your care and support needs. 

The assessment will detail the transition to adult services plan and will include outcomes, views and wishes that matter to you. Your pathway into adulthood must be person centred. In line with the Nottinghamshire County Councils' Social Care Strategy the assessment will always try to consider the needs and preferences of the individual balanced against the most cost effective way to achieve your outcomes. We will want to look first at how individual and community resources could help you meet your specific outcomes to promote independence and well-being and delay and reduce or prevent the need for care and support services.

We will expect people assessed as eligible for social care support to contribute towards their personal budget in line with the national charging arrangements for adult social care.

Do I have to pay for services when I'm an adult?

When you become an adult you will need to have an assessment to see if you are eligible for care and support. Services are free for children but adults have to pay towards the cost of some services. Find out more on our paying for your support page

Where an assessment identifies that you are eligible for care and support we will provide you with an indicative budget. This gives you an idea of how much funding will be available to meet your care and support needs when you become an adult. 

Find out more

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