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NSAB - Partnership


The Safeguarding Partnership has been set up in addition to the Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board (NSAB).

The Partnership meet with NSAB twice a year to check the Board's progress, provide support and guidance to the Board, and to raise awareness of key issues relating to safeguarding.  Partnership members have the opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of safeguarding adults in Nottinghamshire.


Members of the Partnership include:-  

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Partnership events

The Partnership have met on the following occasions.  There are no minutes as these were 'events' and not Board meetings.


18th July 2008 - This event was based around formulating an action plan for NSAB.   

10th December 2008 - This event was based around formulating a response to the No Secret's review.   

10th June 2009 - This event focused what individual organisations and NSAB are doing to stop elder abuse and promote the welfare of vulnerable adults.

3rd December 2009 - This event looked at how personalisation will impact on safeguarding.

8th June 2010 - This event was based around formulating an action plan for NSAB.

2nd December 2010 - Unfortunately this event did not take place due to adverse weather conditions

7th June 2011 – This event was based around Serious Incident cases and Serious Case Reviews

6th December 2011 - The  Nottinghamshire Coroner, Mairin Casey  gave a presentation on the role of the Coroner and links to safeguarding.

15th May 2012

20th November 2012


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