Tax credits

There are two types of tax credits:

  • Child tax credit
  • Work tax credit

How much are tax credits worth?

The amount of tax credits depends on:

  • your income 
  • how many children you have living with you
  • if you live with someone as a couple
  • whether you work - and how many hours you work
  • if you pay for childcare
  • if you or any child living with you has a disability.

There is a calculator on the GOV.UK website that estimates how much you might receive. 

How to apply

You can only get an application form by:

  • Tel: 0845 300 3900
  • Textphone: 0845 300 3909.

Changing circumstances

If your circumstances change you need to tell the tax credit office as the money you receive might be affected. Changes might include starting a new job, separating from a partner or having a baby.

Renewing your tax credits

You must renew your tax credits claim if you are sent an Annual Declaration form (TC603D or TC603D2) with an Annual Review notice (TC603R).

If you do not renew your claim:

  • your tax credits payments will stop
  • you will be required to pay back any over payment

You are given 30 days to provide the information requested in the renewal pack. If you don’t provide this information you will probably need to make a new claim.

For more help with your ongoing award please see our tax credit useful tips factsheet [PDF].

Appealing a tax credit decision

If you are disputing an over payment see our tax credits over payments factsheet [PDF].

For other tax credit appeals you should use the appeals form WTC/AP available from the GOV.UK website.

When you request an appeal the tax credit office are likely to get in touch with you to see if your appeal can be settled without having to attend a tribunal. If it is not possible to settle your appeal, your case will be sent to the Tribunals Service.

Our challenging a benefits decision factsheet [PDF] gives more information about going to an appeal tribunal.

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