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Population estimates

Mid year population estimates are produced annually by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), for the county and districts. Based on these figures, population estimates are then produced for district wards and parishes.

Latest estimates

The most recent Mid Year Population Estimates, as published by the Population Estimates Unit, Office for National Statistics (Crown Copyright), are for 2014. The table below gives the total figures for the Nottinghamshire Districts, with a comparison to the Mid-2011 estimates. All figures have been rounded to the nearest 100.

DistrictMid 2011Mid 2012Mid 2013Mid 2014
Ashfield 119,500 120,100 121,600 122,500
Bassetlaw 113,000 113,200 113,700 114,100
Broxtowe 109,700 110,700 111,200 111,800
Gedling 113,700 114,100 114,800 115,600
Mansfield 104,600 104,700 105,300 105,900
Newark and Sherwood 115,000 115,800 116,800 117,800
Rushcliffe 111,200 111,600 112,800 113,700
Nottinghamshire 786,800 790,100 796,200 801,400
Nottingham 303,900 308,700 310,800 314,300
East Midlands 4,537,400 4,567,700 4,598,700 4,637,400
England 53,107,200 53,493,700 53,865,800 54,316,618

A breakdown by gender and single year age group is also available for the County and Districts as at Mid 2014

A map showing the district boundaries is available for information:

A factsheet detailing the population changes in the county between 2011 and 2013:

Population estimates analysis tool

The Office for National Statistics have developed an Excel tool to create a population pyramid for each District in Nottinghamshire based on the 2013 mid-year estimates, which also has a pivot table showing the estimated components of population change within each District between 2012 and 2013. See the ONS website for further details.

Previous estimates

Estimates of the population for previous years are available and may be useful for comparison purposes. Please note that the estimates from mid 2001 to mid 2011 have been revised in light of the 2011 Census.

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