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There are more than 350 primary and secondary schools in Nottinghamshire attended by over 118,000 children.

You can send your child to one of four different types of school:

  • Community schools – these are run by the County Council and are non-denominational. This means they’re not linked to any particular church or religion. The majority of schools in Nottinghamshire are Community schools.
  • Voluntary aided schools are partly maintained by voluntary organisations and religious teaching is controlled by the governors
  • Voluntary controlled schools were originally set up by organisations like the Church of England but are now run by the County Council with the governors agreeing the religious education content of the national curriculum
  • Foundation schools were set up by trustees who are independent of the school’s governing body.

Your local community or voluntary-controlled school will depend on which school’s catchment area covers your home address. You can check your school catchment area online. If you prefer, instead of sending your child to your local catchment school you can apply to send your child to a school of your choice.

Admissions arrangements for Voluntary aided and Foundation schools are decided by their governing bodies.

All schools are inspected by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education ) which creates performance reports for each school. Ofsted reports, school performance tables and a personal visit to the school can all be useful to help you decide which school your child should attend.


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