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National Curriculum

All school children up to 16 years of age follow the National Curriculum.

The National Curriculum gives clear expectations to children about what they should learn; what teachers can teach as well as pupils' expected performance levels in examinations.

In Nottinghamshire, we add breadth and scope to the National Curriculum by teaching extra subjects like personal and careers education, by encouraging experiences in arts and environmental education, and by promoting extended learning through all sorts of interesting activities.

Pupils’ learning is divided into distinct learning phases known as key stages:

  • Key stage 1 – pupils aged 5-7
  • Key stage 2 – pupils aged 7-11
  • Key Stage 3 – pupils aged 11-14
  • Key Stage 4 – pupils aged 14-16


For more information contact us.
web: You can read more about the National Curriculum on our learning pages and on the National Curriculum Online website, www.nc.uk.net

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