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Walking and cycling can help you keep fit and feel better about yourself. And they’re good for the environment, helping to reduce congestion and pollution.

Figures show that:

  • walkers breathe in three times less fumes than people in a car
  • walking a mile a day significantly reduces risks of coronary heart disease (by 50 per cent) and a stroke (by 66 per cent). Although a mile sounds a lot, it's only 15 - 20 minutes of walking
  • walking can contribute to the 30 minutes of exercise we should have daily - 56 per cent of those aged 16 - 24 are overweight or obese
  • cycling improves your strength, stamina and aerobic fitness with little risk of over-exertion. It can also help you shed excess weight by burning body fat. Twenty minutes cycling burns off roughly 120 calories.


tel: 01151 977 2166
e-mail: countrysideaccess@nottscc.gov.uk
web: Find out more about walking and cycling.

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